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KHW is an integrated wellness clinic. That means you have multiple providers working on your behalf to find the root cause of your health issues.

Our MD, Nurse Practitioner, and Doctors of Chiropractic work together to provide the best, all-encompassing care available in Nashville. With their combined experience, genuine compassion, and deep desire for each patient to achieve maximum health, our team is eager to help you resolve whatever may be ailing you.

Your initial appointment with us includes a physical exam as well as x-rays if needed. We’re equipped to draw labs for blood tests if our providers deem that to be a necessary part of your care.

Understanding your body’s chemistry is critical to the diagnosis and healing process.

CBC panels, thyroid level measurements, hormone levels – the body needs to be monitored and maintained at all times.

Our nurse practitioner is on-hand and equipped to perform physical exams as needed.

We accept most major medical health plans and most plans cover services in our office. We will perform a complimentary verification of benefits to help determine coverage and financial responsibility and share that information with you prior to beginning care in our office. We aim to provide you with a “no financial surprises” plan of care.

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