Chiropractic Care

You do not need to live in pain.

chiropractic care

You feel angry, hurt. You feel as if you’re not being heard. Your pain is real. Yet the doctors can’t seem to do anything about it.

So you think, maybe it’s in your head. Maybe it’s temporary. “Surely this will get better.”

But it doesn’t.

And nothing seems to work. The sleepless nights, waking up with shooting pains.

Headaches. Back or neck pain. Other health issues start to arise.

“I just don’t enjoy life like I used to.” “Why can’t anyone help me?”

It will be OK.


When you come in, you will be heard. We will listen. We will get to the true source of your pain and we will resolve it together. After we’ve finished the intake, we’ll sit down and talk with you. We’ll listen and find out exactly what is going on. During your examination we’ll determine the sources of your pain. We will learn about everything you’ve been through :physical, chemical, and mental stressors. We know it’s been a struggle up to this point. We will help you get better and begin to enjoy life again.

We accept most major medical health plans and most plans cover services in our office. We will perform a complimentary verification of benefits to help determine coverage and financial responsibility and share that information with you prior to beginning care in our office. We aim to provide you with a “no financial surprises” plan of care.

We’ve been there. We’ve had pain that grew worse with time. We’ve known traditional doctors that could diagnose, but not treat beyond endless medication.

Pain medication isn’t a long-term answer. Medication is typically masking the problem, not helping with the source. It can cause a variety of issues over time – financial and dependency.

By understanding overall health, by addressing the root problems causing physical pain and discomfort, life can dramatically improve. Without major surgery or a life on pain medication.

This is why we love our work.

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If you’ve been having trouble sleeping, you don’t have to. There is no need to wake up with joint pain or neck pain. We can help.