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I have been going to Kestner Chiropractics for a good number of years now and have been helped in many areas of my health. They have helped me with my back issues and I feel SO much better when I get adjusted on a regular basis. My work requires a lot of walking all day so they are presently helping me with knee issues and the treatments are helping with the pain in my knees. I absolutely love the staff and know they care greatly about helping others maintain good health. I am very thankful for all their help.

By Loris M.

Kestner Health and Wellness has helped me so much. I was at the point where I could barely walk. I was having multiple back spasms every day and it was really affecting my quality of life and ability to work at my very active job. I have been getting adjustments for a month now and have had amazing results. I’m no longer having spasms daily. I even walked over 9 miles in one day this past week when my husband and I were in Vegas!! The staff here is so friendly and encouraging. I would definitely recommend this company and their services.

By Carla W.


I have been going to Kestner Health and Wellness for over 12 years. They are so different from other chiropractors I have been to. They are not only there to adjust you but they care about the whole body. I also get yearly updates on how I am improving overall. Whenever I have a problem they are always there with recommendations. I have seen them grow over the years and they still put patients first and have the best relationships with their clients.

By Kimberly B.

Holistically Kestner Heath and Wellness offers the best chiropractic and health care in the Nashville area. I came to Kestner’s after being referred by and friend and loved my experience. I have been coming regularly now since summer. Multiple family members now are patients as well and we will stay as long as we live in TN! We are grateful to have found this clinic!

By Elizabeth K.


Easily the best chiropractic team I have worked with. The team at Kestner Health & Wellness truly care about the people that come in, from the moment the step in the door. I compete in triathlon and have suffered from multiple injuries over the years as well as common aches and pains that come with training at an elite level. Chiropractic care has been a part of my routine for years now, but Kestner Health & Wellness is the only place I have stayed with long term. They are professional, they deliver results (reducing pain/ providing long-term care plans), and the people are just genuinely good people. It is clear that they care, and it is clear that they help.

By Zach T.


I came into Kestner with lower and upper back pain. I had been under the impression for years that my lower back was my biggest issue because it gave me the most trouble. After the free consultation and exam I was amazed to see that my lower back was in better shape than my neck area. I had lost my curve and as a result formed bone spurs. The experience with Dr. Jason and his whole staff those inital visits impressed me. They were knowledgeable, kind, and concerned about my health. They have worked with me to help other family members which is a kindness I'll never forget. I love how they have reputable health products readily available for me to supplement my nutrition. Those supplements have always been on the shelf for me to grab as I leave. I enjoy the alkaline water they provide.

After only three weeks I could see the value in what I was doing. My muscles were way less tense and growing stronger every day. Julie is a peach! They all listen very well but I have shared emotional moments with her and she truly cares. She is knowledgeable and has valuable advice.

I look forward to coming to Kestner every time. Honestly I feel as though I could stay a while, which means the experience is pleasurable for me.

Top notch in my book!

By Lisa H.


The entire Kestner team is very attentive and genuine about caring for their patients. They have so much knowledge on what it takes to heal and how the process and spine works. I’ve been going here for about a year now and have had dramatic change in my lower back pain. Thank you guys!

By Yesenia S.