Our Team

Dr. Jason Kestner, DC, and Dr. Jenny Kestner, DC

For nearly two decades, Kestner Health + Wellness has been a top chiropractic team. Serving Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Bellevue, and the surrounding areas. Dr. Jason Kestner, DC, and Dr. Jenny Kestner, DC, PScD, have decades of combined experience.

“We created Kestner Health and Wellness out of disappointment that people were not getting to the root cause of their problems. We knew people suffering could get better, could feel amazing. We knew those in pain did not have to stay in pain forever. We have created a ‘one stop shop’ – we don’t deliver babies, but we do everything else. The conventional medical model is waiting for people to become sick, then attempting to repair the issue with surgery or mask it with medication. We choose to help people eliminate pain, get healthy, then stay healthy and pain-free. True health, for body and mind. We provide education for our clients. The people we humbly serve do not just get better, they learn why they’re getting better. And how to stay better. How to go through life relaxed, rested, confident. We are very proud of our team and results.”


Meet Our Team

Dr. Ana Lisa Carr, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Carr has been our Medical Director since 2016 and continues to be a great asset to the Kestner team. As a Medical Doctor, her input regarding clinic operations helps to provide a well-rounded integrated approach to patient care in our office. Outside of our office, she is an avid Show Jumping Equestrian and has been competing on the “AA” circuit for many years. Dr. Carr enjoys traveling and has been to 56 countries around the world and counting!

Judy Kestner

Director of Finance

Judy is our Director of Finance, mom to Dr Jason and mom-in-law to Dr. Jenny. She consistently sets the tone in our office with her warm, friendly enthusiasm and genuine care for our patients.   Judy has been involved with Chiropractic care since before our doctors were born and has an intense passion for all patients; especially the children.  She has witnessed multitudes of people who have seen many benefits from the chiropractic care received in our office.  She enjoys sharing her personal experience and the health benefits of her own consistent long-term chiropractic care over the years.  Judy hopes to see Kestner Health and Wellness Clinic be the first place people come when looking to improve their overall health.